Corporate Training in the New Economy

We are going through extraordinary change in our economy!  We are approaching a new era where the "survival of the fittest" principle will apply to all businesses big or small. The irony is, however, that in a time where investing in your business to survive is critical, fewer companies are investing on employee and team trainings. Employees are complaining more about how the burden of training is falling on them, and there is a noticible decline in customer service and employee morale. The lack of innovation, motivation, and attainment of skills will inevitability trickle down to the customer who the company needs to be successful. SolutionCompass has allied with D.T.Scanlon (a company that specializes in creating dynamic business solutuions for retaining customers, increasing sales, and providing unwaivering customer service) to provide both, business experience and individual/interpersonal development to our customers.

Our Menu of Training Topics

"8 To Great Business Principles to Thriving in the New Economy"
A Dynamic and Motivating Presentation On 8 Great Principles for your company's success.


Meyers Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI)

In this training the MBTI is used experientiallly in engaging activities that help create powerful insight. Type Indicators helps teams identify areas of strength, increase productivity, and work better together by understanding and appreciating their personal differences.


"Get Along; Work Happy"

This training is essential for those companies wanting to create a "Fun" working environment and improving their employees interpersonal relationships. Teams will learn hands on about conflict resolution, stress management, and communication skills.


"Retention Deficit Disorder: RDD"

Managers or Entire Teams learn why this disorder is hurting companies and why retention is the number one factor to Surviving and Thriving in the New Economy. Customer service, operations, and sales strategies are key themes in this engaging training. 



Empower your employees with these four crucial skills for being productive and managing their time effectievely. Particpants will learn the Power of the these 4 elements: Prioritize, Prepare, Plan, Perform. 


"The Meter is in the Leader!"

This motivating training will set your company in motion to having leaders who inspire their people to push themselves to be great and in turn take your company to greatness! 


"Can't Wait till Monday!"

As the name implies, this training is about breaking patterns of negativity in order to get oneself motivated through our perspectives, sense of humor, and daily practices.

What makes us different?

User Friendly, Affordable, FUN, and Effective!

  • Our Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum packages make it easy to tailer your trainings.
  • The cost of training nowdays is one reason many companies aren't using external resources to train their people.  Our passion for motivational development and a genuine concern for the fitness of businesses in our new economy is one reason we take pride in creating trainings that companies can budget for without giving up quality.
  • Together, SolutionCompass and DTScanlon, bring a wealth of experience in both the field of human development and corporate experience in management, sales, and customer service.

Packages That Suit Your Needs