How is Coaching Different from Counseling?

Coaching is a process in which your coach serves as a fresh set of eyes to objectively see the challenges you may be experiencing and provide perspectives that you may have not considered previously.  Counseling involves a process that through the relationship with your counselor and various therapeutic interventions, individuals are able gain insight and heal past experiences that may be creating emotional difficulties.  Counseling goes further into the psyche, promoting emotional well- being and mental health, while coaching is a tool people may use to help get them from point A to point B in their goals.

What are the Benefits of Coaching?

As a coach my role is to help you open up to new possibilities and help maximize your potential. Coaching will help you discover your internal resources, your "inner compass" and enjoy the success that comes about from the process.  My coaching style includes specific techniques and instruments that can help with:

  • Understanding your Belief Systems
  • Clarifying and Redefining your goals
  • Creating Action to Move Forward 
  • Exploring your Personality Style
  • Understanding Self Sabotage
  • Overcoming Obstacles by Implementing New Thoughts and Behaviors

Coaching will help Unleash your:

  • Passion
  • Opportunities
  • Energy
  • Resources

How Are Coaching Sessions Structured?

  • Sessions may be done face to face, through telefone or video conferencing via Skype (an online program/ software that is free of charge
  • Sessions are scheduled in advance and last for 50 minutes.
  • For Coaching to be effective it requires time to generate lasting change, because of this, sessions are structured within a three month model. Three sessions will be scheduled and spaced throughout the three month period in a pre-agreed timeline between coach and client.
  • Fees for coaching are paid in advance and are $300 for the entire three month model.





" Success is Getting What You Want- Happiness is Wanting What you Get."

                                                                                               Dale Carnegie